Debt Relief Companies-Top Best Debt Relief Programs You Are Not Aware!

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Debt relief companies?

It is the work of Debt relief companies to help her consumers to avoid bankruptcy and to help get their credit back on track. Their services also include but not limited to the negotiation of debts with creditors on debtors’ behalf, although their services are not free as some of these companies charge a minimum significant fees for help render to their consumers.

In my own opinion, I see these debt relief companies as debt settlement companies whose ultimate goal is to help their client to settle debts for less than what clients actually owe. While you are in the program with them, Debt settlement plans demand that the consumers should stop paying their debts during the negotiation process, and such action as this in the past as cause further damages to lots of consumers’ credit scores than they expected.

However, when they are quarry by their client the reason for this they do justify their action by informing consumers that the hit to their credit is temporary and that settling their debts will help them boost their score later as they go on.

From my knowledge about debt settlement, some debt relief companies use to offer additional options such as debt management plans and debt consolidation.

When it seems you are overweight with and sinking into the whole of debts, the best option to go by is for you to reach out to a third party company. And you know what?  In this article today are all the known top best debt relief companies, this is to help you in your search, I focused my research on finding firms that honesty is their word, ethical and transparent with a proven history and testimonies of helping people get out of debt. Below are our award-winning for top best debt relief companies you can do business with and get needed results:

The father of them all and award-winning for top best for debt settlement is- National Debt Relief

Award-winning for top best for no upfront fees is -New Era Debt Solutions

This is award-winning for top best full is -service debt relief is- CuraDebt

Other award-winning top best for free consultations is-Accredited Debt Relief

 Our standard for chosen top best debt relief programs

To everything quality, there is always a standard and because we are aware that so many debt relief companies suggest debt settlement plans that can cause consumers credit score to plunge, these firms accordingly have gotten a bad reputation for this. But then, there are plenty of reputable hidden companies that offer top best-needed services to the consumers.

To come up with our top best debt settlement companies, there are several different factors considered and these factors include accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), third-party’s reviews, their overall transparency, and overall services offered to the consumers. As you look over our list of the top best debt settlement companies, we like you to understand that not all of these companies do offer their services in every state.

Our award-winning for top best for debt settlement is- National Debt Relief.

National Debt Relief is standing as the father of all the top companies that offers debt relief services nationwide, and this is shown in their overall rankings and reviews from third parties especially consumers. NDR has an A+ rating with the BBB, and the company has also received numerous accolades for its debt settlement and debt consolidation services offered.

National Debt Relief is open to everyone that are engaging their services and they let consumers call and speak with a debt counselor free with no charges, and they render great service especially when you use them for debt settlement, debt consolidation, and even credit counseling. They have the stated goal of offering common sense alternatives to bankruptcy that help consumers to get back on track and on with their lives easily.

Our Award-winning for top best for no upfront fees is – New Era Debt Solutions

New Era Debt Solutions is our award-winning for top best for no upfront fees. This great company is another top best debt relief company with many excellent reviews and they score an A+ rating from the BBB. According to a reliable source, this company since 1999 has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers to settle over $250 million in debts. New Era Debt Solutions does not joke with their business, they offer their services in a speedy way, common-sense debt solution that helps you settle for less than what you owe.

New Era Debt Solutions also are known to be the company that charges no upfront fees from its consumers. Like all debt settlement companies out there, however, it claims that its total fees are “performance-based,” this is to mean that you will typically pay fees as a percentage of debt that is ultimately settled.

New Era Debt Solutions are good at offering a free debt analysis over the phone or online to the consumers.

Our Award-winning for top best for full-service debt relief is — CuraDebt

CuraDebt is also in our line of award-winning debt Relief Company you should consider to business with. This company also has scored A+ rating with the BBB as well as many plenties of five-star reviews from third parties. They are good at helping consumers in the settlement of debt for less than what they owe, and they also are seen to help initiate debt consolidation and tax debt relief with both at state levels and also the federal government.

One good about CuraDebt is that they make it so easy and possible to speak with a debt counselor and get a free quote for services over the phone. You can easily fill out some basic information about your debts and quickly see if you are qualified. If it happened that you meet the criteria for their debt relief programs, CuraDebt has some experts who can help you in this wise.

Our award-winning top Best for free consultations is – Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief from our diligent research revealed that it also has an “A+” Rating with the BBB and also receives great reviews from third-party ranking sites such as Trustpilot and others. The company is known best for its free consultation, which includes a debt analysis and an overview of its programs and how they work for consumers.

Accredited Debt Relief offers services on standard debt settlement plans, and also can assist with debt consolidation, debt management and as well as bankruptcy. When apply, there are qualified experts that can help look over your situation and walk you through your options and anticipated costs before you decide to commit yourself to their services.

 Various Debt relief options and strategies for consumers

Consider Do-it-yourself debt relief option: The logic here is that there is nothing debt relief companies are doing for you that you cannot do by yourself. It’s possible for you to call your creditors by yourself and even try to negotiate a lower interest rate on your own.

Debt settlement: in this system, Debt settlement companies instead of you paying your creditor direct will ask you to stop paying on your credit cards and other debts and start saving those payments you should pay in a separate savings account. And thereafter the company will now start to work on your behalf, helping to negotiate with your creditors to let you settle your debts for less than what you owe. You need to be aware that debt settlement has risks of its own because halting payments on your debts can hurt your credit score. Also, your creditors have no obligation to work with your debt settlement company, and this means that you may not possibly get the help you need at the end of all the show.

Debt management plans: Applying for Debt management plans you will be told to deposit a certain amount of money into a separate bank account every month. And thereafter the credit counseling agency will now distribute funds to your creditors from this saving account every month, and they’ll also carry out negotiation on your behalf for lower interest rates and as well as better terms. These programs truly can work well for consumers, but only that you will require you to pay all of your debts in full, with the fees charged by the company that help facilitates the program.

Debt consolidation: it is possible also for you to consolidate debt with the help of a third-party debt relief company or even on your own as some use to.

Debt consolidation from my experience works best especially when your credit is good enough to qualify for a debt consolidation loan with a lower interest rate than you’re servicing now. Just like other debt-relief options, you may need to check for their fees as you compare debt consolidation loans and products.

How you can verify a debt relief company’s legitimate

Pay the price of checking and double-checking the backgrounds of any debt relief programs before you move ahead to business with them. And before you choose among debt-relief options, consider these helpful steps:

Call out to a credit counseling agency of your choice: Credit counseling agencies are naturally nonprofit firms and they are in the business of offering a professional overview of your credit and potential options if allow. It is true that credit counseling agencies may not offer debt settlement plans, but so many of them have seen to offer free consultations and they can open you up to all available possible options.

Ask them about fees upfront: FTC agreed that, some debt relief organizations charge high fees that they try to hide and not until when you have entered into their trap before you will get to know such hidden high fees. So see to it that you have a full understanding of any fees they are charging you for debt relief now and later time.

Conduct some research to seething yourself: The FTC argued by saying it is important that you dig deep into the backgrounds of companies you’re considering before your business with them. For instance, FTC advised you should contact your state Attorney General and a local consumer protection agency near you before you select a company to work with.

End of the matter

Calling out for help to settle your debts is not a child play, but sometimes it’s the necessarily available option for any serious consumers who feel otherwise can’t change their circumstances. If it happened that you find yourself in this kind of terrible yoke of neck-deep debts, then the best pathway to go by is to spend some time carefully comparing the available options and then choose wisely.

The best debt relief companies for sure can help take on most of the work for you but need to remember that it’s your credit and your money that’s at risk.

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